Quality Windows for Quality Home Owners

Quality Windows for Quality Home Owners
Quality Windows for Quality Home Owners

A new breed of small and medium sized specialist businesses is emerging in Hua Hin. These businesses have typically opened their operations here after first establishing themselves in Bangkok or Phuket.

The ‘new breed’ understand that Hua Hin is a market where housing developers and home owners are no longer satisfied with a ‘near enough is good enough’ approach or ‘back-yard operators’, but are looking for the best products, workmanship and service. SSS Windows is one example of this new breed. Around 5 years ago Chris Anderson, a British expat, with 18 years residency in Thailand, moved with his family from Phuket where his business has been operating for around 12 years.

One reason for the move was a desire to join a community with a more family friendly focus and expats with a more discerning but down to earth approach. Chris and his family have found that community and established their home in Hua Hin. SSS Windows design, supply and install high quality UPVC windows and door systems. Quality windows and doors can make a dramatic difference to any home, not only from a cosmetic point of view but also energy saving and noise reduction. Modern UPVC window frames installed with double insulated glass are so energy efficient home owners can expect to save up to 40% of cooling energy costs.

For noise reduction 60% on sliding units and up to 90% on casement systems can be achieved. UPVC is extremely low maintenance, free from periodic painting or the other maintenance requirements of many inferior materials and products. The company provides systems for both new homes and older properties looking to upgrade especially where the inadequacies of wooden or aluminum framed products no longer meet the owner’s needs. SSS provide a 10 year warrantee on all aspects of work including the materials, hardware, seals and function. The finished product is guaranteed to be “as good as new” for the length of the guarantee. In addition, for the 10 year period, SSS Windows will visit each property for general maintenance to adjust/replace any component, including the hardware and multi-point locking systems if necessary.

The resident of the dwelling simply needs to call or email the service team for a convenient appointment. SSS Windows offers Chris’s personal consultation with onsite concept quotations followed by a detailed specification assessment to enable manufacture before installation. He’ll also ensure there’s no need for you to manage any cleaning. At the completion of the installation; your house will be ready to be your home. Chris and his team at SSS Windows provide the quality of service and product to match the growing expectations of discerning Hua Hin home owners. He will call by without delay, arrange a site visit to a current project if you wish and answer any questions with a confidence based on product knowledge and personal experience.

Contact: phone 0819686 051 (English), 08737 1881 (Thai)
email: info@ssswindows.com
Website: www.ssswindows.com