Sansara Hua Hin; a Welcome Member of the Black Mountain Community

Sansara Hua Hin; a Welcome Member of the Black Mountain Community
Sansara Hua Hin; a Welcome Member of the Black Mountain Community

For the uninformed, Black Mountain Hua Hin is all about a multi-award winning golf course. The golf course certainly sets the standard, but that was only the beginning.

Black Mountain is a rapidly developing community already offering an international school, water park with construction of a shopping precinct in the pipeline. One of the most significant additions to this community is Sansara Hua Hin, a development of luxury pool villas and apartments under construction overlooking the golf course. Sansara is about providing a vibrant and active lifestyle in a 5 star community setting with round the clock hospitality, security and health care.

The display villa and sales office provides tangible evidence of the quality and services available. BuilderSmart Directors and Sansara developers (from the left) Sanchai Nueangsi, Suresh Subramaniam, Chris Cartwright and General Manager Hans Van Steertegem with some project awards in the foreground. BuilderSmart PCL is the longstanding Bangkok company providing the construction expertise behind Sansara.

Chris Cartwright is one of three Directors of BuilderSmart who sees Sansara as the company’s crowning achievement. Chris is an Australian builder with decades of experience who is the on site builder at Sansara. He says “to construct a development of this scale, you need to be a builder, not just a property speculator.”

Chris has a passion for quality and building standards. He understands the problems many building projects experience when taking short cuts, rather than ensuring best practice, becomes the building mantra. “She’ll be right mate” may be the Australian equivalent of the Thai expression “mai ben rai”; but you’ll never hear Chris uttering those words when it comes to his responsibilities at Sansara! Chris has been instrumental in Sansara completing an Environment Impact Assessment or EIA.

The EIA is defined as “an analysis of the potential impacts, both positive and negative, of different types of projects or activities on the environment, conditions or circumstances that may affect those projects or activities, and measures for prevention, control and rectification before commencement of the projects or activities.”

The EIA process has been applied in Thailand as a tool for environmental planning and management on development projects since 1981. It establishes appropriate mitigation measures so that Thailand’s natural resources will be used efficiently to the economic benefit and continued development of Thailand.

Best practice in project development needs an EIA Topics covered in the EIA include waste-water treatment, energy efficiency, solid waste management, traffic, air quality, soil and groundwater pollution, noise pollution, nature conservation, landscape, public health, visual aspects and social economic factors.

It involves an independent environmental consultant to evaluate and draft a report which clearly identifies the environmental impacts related to the project under assessment. Completing this assessment is a major undertaking which may be avoided by developers not prepared to have this external scrutiny.

That’s just one of the short cuts they may take. Chris says that if a new development is surrounded by protective fencing for dust management, it’s likely to be subject to the EIA. But as the EIA considers many issues which will later affect home owners such as ground water pollution, EIA completion should be on the radar of any prospective purchaser. Apart from being of benefit to future Sansara residents, the EIA is also offers a guarantee to others that the Black Mountain community will be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Take a look at what’s in store at the Sansara display pool villa any day of the week to see what quality and style really means.

Where: Adjoining the southern fairways of the Black Mountain Golf Course, just follow the Sansara signs as you approach.

Phone: +66 63 268 0088
Facebook: sansarablackmountain