Sunshine Revolution: the Age of the Solar Energy Solution

Sunshine Revolution: the Age of the Solar Energy Solut
Sunshine Revolution: the Age of the Solar Energy Solut

For decades the electricity industry has been a cautious and conservative business, but the plunging prices of solar panels have woken it up with a bang. Dynamic rooftop solar power has become the biggest change to electricity supplies since the industry was born in the 19th century. It has been described as the equivalent of the mobile revolution in telephony or the PC in computing.

That’s a revolution that Electronic Engineer and founder of Solar Solution, Clive Oggier, first joined in the year 2000 when he was exposed to the solar power industry in China. After undertaking university science studies in Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Bachelor Engineering with honours) and then a Masters in the field of renewable energy; Clive returned to China to continue his practical involvement as a qualified ‘revolutionary’. Before joining the Hua Hin community two years ago, Clive had been involved in the solar industry with experience on large and small scale installations all over the world. He continues to be a professional consultant and project manager on solar farms in Europe and Asia. He has consulted on feasibility studies in Thailand and elsewhere in Asia including financial assessment, site evaluation and design, procurement, installation, maintenance planning and advice. That’s a background that means Clive can rightfully be described as Hua Hin’s expert in the field of solar energy for both commercial and residential projects. His years of experience in China have also provided Solar Solution with connections to the most innovative and quality manufacturers in China with Trina Solar as a preferred supplier. You can see the bona fides of this giant of the industry at

Although installing a solar system is a significant investment, Clive can reveal how this really is an investment; not just a cost. The investment can be recouped within 4-5 years with energy cost neutrality. Solar is also an investment in a sustainable future for the planet with renewable energy playing a major role in reducing the carbon footprint of energy production. That’s a most important part of the solar revolution with Clive as an enthusiastic advocate.

Clive says that many of his customers have done their homework on the benefits of solar energy before reaching him so they are already sold on this energy solution. However his on-site survey allows for a complete project plan and all the technical requirements to be understood. His scientific expertise will kick in with an explanation of the on or off grid possibilities, battery storage and a myriad of other technical considerations. Clive says that he is not a very good salesman, but his customers are really looking for answers and service not just ‘sales hype’.

Apart from joining a very welcoming community; the weather in Hua Hin is also very attractive to Clive. He explains with the hours of continual sunshine, low cloud density and atmospheric conditions, Hua Hin not only enjoys the best beach conditions in Thailand, but the best conditions for solar power production. That’s a bonus for his lifestyle as well as his business. Clive Oggier; electronic engineer and founder of Solar Solution Solar Solution has a Hua Hin office on Nongplub Road to explore your entry into the solar revolution and discuss your aspirations with Clive. Make an appointment by phoning him on 060 052 8172 or email Learn more at the website: www.