TIME OPTIC: More Than the Eye Can See

TIME OPTIC: More Than the Eye Can See
TIME OPTIC: More Than the Eye Can See

TIME OPTIC, a very normal optic shop looking from the outside but a very fabulous service and high class eyeglasses which are able to see from the first step you walk in

In the shop they take care every kinds of eye’s problem from step by step. Every single step from analyzing the eyes, lens, and creating frames are done by the professionals of optical from TIME OPTIC.

These are just some of the reasons why they earned trust and reliability from Hua Hin’s community for almost 30 years. Mr. Pramote Thanyakuisaja (The owner of TIME OPTIC) a graduated of engineering from Chulalongkorn university of Thailand has his own views of managing optical business by measuring light of the eyes using physics formula, intended to study about the eye’s atomy of humans and in-trend fashion to make the very best quality of every eyeglasses.

Therefore TIME OPTIC has very wide standard of costumers from European to Asia. Moderate prices of eyeglasses in TIME OPTIC are inspired by the King Bhumipol Adulyadej (King Rama IX of Thailand). There were once upon a time, King Bhumipol chose to change his eyeglasses with TIME OPTIC and from that time Mr. Pramote had observed and realized that the old eyeglasses of the king looked very old like it had been using for a long range of time but it still looking very clean. This made Mr. Pramote realized how sufficiency and frugality the king is, so he decided to produce special eyewear with special lens for the king. As Mr. Pramote admired the sufficiency, frugality and loyalty to Thailand of the king therefore, he started to organize the eyeglasses donation campaign which he donates eyeglasses to the students from seven of governmental schools around Hua Hin since 1993 until now.

Last year was the saddest year of Thailand as we lost our beloved King Bhumipol Adulyadej thus, this year TIME OPTIC decided to organize the campaign by donating 999 eyeglasses to Huahin’s community for free to pay respect for the King Rama XI. This campaign truly created happiness of the people in Hua Hin as everyday they came to take great services from TIME OPTIC with this campaign and went back with a big smile on their faces which also created a lot of happiness of TIME OPTIC’s co-workers and Mr. Pramote due to the campaign was going greater than what he imagined and it just had ended on the 17th of this month.