What to do when a contractor abandons the job

What to do when a contractor abandons the job
What to do when a contractor abandons the job

Hua Hin municipality was informed by the Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) that home construction becomes trendy business because many people want to have their own homes. To find a good contractor to build a home, consumers usually may know them from advertisement, brochure, associates, and so on. Sometimes, consumers may not be aware of the construction’s contract and contractor’s review; therefore, they end up with the contractor abandoning the work.

The OCPB revealed the complaints about contractors that were filed by consumers, such as: using substandard or low-quality materials; not finishing the job in prescribed time; not being responsible for damage disclaimer; and abandoning the project.

Although the OCPB tried to conciliate disputes between consumers and contractors, the complaints regarding “Home Construction” issue are still filed, and the consumers fall prey to contractors. Since many things go wrong during the course of a construction project, the OCPB urged consumers to check and thoroughly read the construction agreement which should be under the Notice of the Contract Committee for the business of residential building construction which is subject to contract control B.E. 2559 (2016).

The notification outlines several terms a contractor must contain in all residential construction contracts, such as: The details of the parties to the contract with the parties’ addresses and identifications/corporate registration number, the place and date of contract, the purpose of the construction, a description of the building, and the construction location;

The details of the construction costs (inclusive of value added tax; Bill for quantity and price of materials; The payment schedule in accordance with work progress. If a construction defect is discovered during the construction and after acceptance of the work, consumers have the right to inform the contractor to rectify any defects that arise during the reasonable period.

In the event of being unable to rectify the defects as per the contract, the consumers may engage third parties to carry out the concerned rectification works, and back charge all related costs to the contractor. If you have any questions about terms and conditions within residential building construction agreement, please browse: www.ocpb.go.th or call hotline: 1166