Why Hua Hin is the perfect base for a balanced lifestyle in Thailand


I am still often asked if I get bored living here during the 20 years I have made this area my home.

If a buyer comes here with the holiday goggles on, then I do understand they can often struggle to see the real reasons why so many buyers choose this region.

The simple short answer is ‘it’s the best base in Thailand’ and it is hard to find better globally in my honest opinion.

Here we have beaches, yes better ones are maybe 15-30 minutes away from the city but a trip to the beach is a day out so it’s hardly an issue to find these great spots.

We have incredible choices in food options from a simple bowl of noodles, and other local delicacies as well as high end restaurants serving fine dining. For a place that has grown slowly we really are spoilt for choice.

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Add the golfing aspect, national parks, water parks, kite surfing, paddle tennis, and other items of interest for many. But away from this and the real point here is the fact this country has some incredible places to visit. The coastline heading South has some real gems to visit, stay over as well as taking trips to holiday islands such as Phuket and Samui, mainland holidaying spots like Krabi, Khao Lak.

All pretty places that in my opinion many buyers choose incorrectly as a residence. I always feel the islands are places to visit for weeks, maybe even a few trips a year but they are not as attractive, nor do they have the everyday infrastructure needed for all round living.

Heading North we of course have Bangkok where we can access the world for travel and even a little more North of this is the beautiful rural area of Khao Yai, a stunning national park that can even be deemed cold at certain times of the year which I have personally experienced and loved.

So, to reiterate, my advice would be to use Hua Hin as a base. It’s safe and easy to lock your door and explore more of this great country. You can take day trips or short stays to Baan Grood, Bang Saphan, or even spend a week visiting Samui, Phuket, Krabi, and many other places.

The floating hotels of Khao Sok are definitely a place I would recommend for an overnight stay.

Enjoy Thailand for its beauty, knowing that Hua Hin, being your home town, provides a clean and quiet base to plan future trips.

Andy Dyett, the Hua Hin Property Expert

On another note, following the success of our current Hua Hin Property 2009 offices, we have branched out and opened a new office near Black Mountain Golf Course and the Hua Hin International School. We are working towards opening this office my mid-August, so look out for more news regarding this.

I had always planned to do this in the future, but due to the current business climate and predictions, including the weakening THB, we decided to speed up this process.

The office will be headed by my new partner Zara Ritter who is local and knowledgeable for this area of Hua Hin and without doubt she will develop this office into a great success.

I will remain in the head office opposite the Amari Hotel in Khao Takiab for those who want to discuss the property market in more detail.

Furthermore, and I know I keep on talking about this, but don’t take your advice from the social media experts, on owning land and tax implications.

Come and ask people that know. Your dreams should not be extinguished because someone on social media suggested you can’t do something.

Buy smart, buy to suit your own needs and enjoy this great place for what it is: the best base in Thailand.

Our advice is free and our experienced team can help with the understanding of the buying process.

Alternatively, rent with the knowledge that we offer a cash back agreement to future buyers.

You may find a condo more appealing than a house, you may find it more suitable to spend a lesser budget than you first envisaged leaving the extra funds in the pot available for the enjoyment of travel.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Dyett
The Hua Hin Property Expert

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