Zap those Pesky AND Dangerous Insects

Zap those Pesky AND Dangerous Insects
Zap those Pesky AND Dangerous Insects

‘Fans, Lights and More’ is a company name that begs a question. The question is; what is ‘More’? Imported bug zappers that really work is one of the answers.

We’ve all experienced those very irritating insects that prevent you from enjoying evenings with the appearance of mosquitos or other biting insects. This may result in householders wildly waving their arms or perhaps waving one of those tennis racquet look-alikes in desperate attempts to avoid itchy red blotches or more seriously, the debilitating and sometimes life-threatening mosquito borne dengue fever. Fans, Lights and More Co Ltd Director, Jochen Scholtes, believes he has an answer to this problem as the sole importer of the ‘Cri Cri’ Bug Zapper manufactured by the Italian company Mo.El. Jochen discovered this product as a long term resident of Hong Kong.

He had purchased a zapper for personal protection against severe mosquito problems being experienced and it worked! Jochen discovered that the motivation for production was not about human protection, but as a solution to insects affecting Italian pigs needing to be healthy for the production of prosciutto, the dry-cured ham. However the need for human protection soon became obvious.

Insect problems followed Jochen to Thailand some four years ago and enquiries to the years ago and enquiries to the Italian company resulted in him becoming the sole importer here. The bug zapper is a device that attracts and kills flying insects and more formally called an electrical discharge insect control system. A bluish coloured near ultraviolet light attracts insects to the light that are electrocuted (“zapped”) by a high voltage grid. The design includes a collection tray where the dead insects accumulate. From dusk ‘til dawn, homeowners can hear the satisfying crackle of insects meeting their maker. Bug zappers, including the ‘tennis raquet look-alike’, may be available in local markets at low cost but also low quality versions. From personal experience neither the results nor the rapid failure of these products makes them a good investment.

Like many my usual relaxation space adjoins a balcony with sliding doors which are always open with sliding doors which are always open. I resented having to smother myself with insect repellent cream or spray as the sunset approached but those days are over. My bug zapper sits alongside my balcony barbeque (pictured left) at the recommended one metre above the floor; far enough away to lure insects before they come for me. Long before body odours are detected, the mosquito attraction to humans is CO2 that everyone exhales. Mosquitos can detect CO2 from about 50 metres away.

There’s not much you can do about that, but a bug zapper can be a fatal intervention! Insect protection should include finding and eliminating the source of the problem, such as standing water or unsanitary areas; and repairing entry points, such as torn screens, unfitted doors or windows.

But if those pesky insects still disturb your evenings; a bug zapper is the recommended way to go. For more information visit Fans, Lights & More Co. Ltd. on Soi 112 across the road from MahaSamutr.

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