ESPADA New Collection Walking you through the Garden of Monet, Bluport Shopping Mall

ESPADA New Collection Walking you through the Garden of Monet, Bluport Shopping Mall
ESPADA New Collection Walking you through the Garden of Monet, Bluport Shopping Mall

LME Co.,ltd is delighted to be a part of BLU’PORT Hua Hin Resort Mall for its first & biggest launch in October 2016. The complex is designed under a concept “Voyage To The Port Pleasure”, the newest & chicest retail shopping resort complex in Hua Hin Town. ESPADA will have a store at BLUPORT with its new display of “Garden of Monet”, winter 2016 collection, featuring more stylish & sophisticated designs. The newest collection is inspired by the Garden of Monet.

Let us give you a brief information of the Garden and who Monet is. The garden was created by a world famous French painter, Claude Monet. He was the Pioneer for impressionism in 1860s, the first painter who was the first in the field. Even after he passed, he has still been an inspiration for other artists in landscaping arts on canvas. The Garden of Monet was a home for the remaining years of his life. It is a place where he created his famous paintings and his beloved garden. Currently, there are roughly 500,000 visitors each year from all over the world. In the Garden itself, there are various types of flowers installed throughout the whole area. The flowers include poppies, d

aisies, roses, water lilies and other types of seasonal flowers.

This collection takes an array of highlighted colours from flowers and creates fantastic pieces of artwork on fabrics by using the Garden’s colours, from classic white as colour of a white rose to green colour as a colour of stem and leafs. It’s been shown to be a perfect combination by portraying the beauty of Garden in every pieces of the collection. Floral prints are the main highlight. They are featured in each and every single piece including dresses, blouses, skirts, pants and handbags. We create these wonderful pieces of artwork for women who are true fans of nature as well as flowers. In addition to the collection, you can wear it in a total floral look with a floral printed scarf or you can choose a few pieces in the collection to match with your other outfits.

The collection focuses on creating the look of sweet & romance with a tint of confidence, designed for all kind of women. They are presented in the combination of prints and colours on fabrics. Each piece can be worned in many occasions, for example, to work, friends get together, date or weekend away. Fabrics are made perfectly suitable for our endless summer season, a place where the sun never stops shining. This is a perfect time for you to experience a world of classics. Let us take you to this renowned Garden of Monet. Let us give you a feeling of being collided with nature. Let us create dreams of a world full of beautiful flowers, birds, butterflies, or even mythical fairies. What are you waiting for…? Come & Visit our stores to experience an atmosphere of French Arts on garment. Come see it for yourself. Apart from ESPADA, LME Co.,ltd is launching other in-house fashion brands to be sold in Hua Hin as well.

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