1 Home 1 Degree Promoting Education in Hua Hin

1 Home 1 Degree Promoting Education in Hua Hin
1 Home 1 Degree Promoting Education in Hua Hin

The Hua Hin Municipality has initiated a project called 1 Home 1 Degree to raise awareness among local residents on the importance of higher education concerning human resources capacity building. The Hua Hin Mayor Mr. Jira Pongpaiboon said that Thailand had signed an agreement for a free trade area for over 20 years. It also endorsed the agreement of ASEAN Community in 2004 and 2007 respectively with an aim to mobilize human resources and investment in the country to 100% in 2015.

So, in order to retain this opportunity and protect the country’s society and economy from the so-called ‘brain drain’ or lack of quality human resources in the country, there is some real need to develop efficiency for Thai people. In Hua Hin in particular, 34 local communities will take part in the project which includes improvement of international communication in English and the bachelor degree knowledge. 150 representatives of the 34 communities will attend a 100-hour training of English communication. The Hua Hin Municipality is responsible for paying English trainers.

Besides, the Municipality will coordinate with academic institutions in the area, namely the Rajamangala Technological University Rattanakosin of Klai Kangwon Royal Palace, the Petchaburi Rajabhat University and the Suan Dusit Rajabhat University in Hua Hin, to launch a special educational program for the local community members. This program, under cooperation of the Sukhothai Thammathirat University, the Technological and Management Science College of Klai Kangwon Royal Palace and the Petchaburi Agricultural College, consists of a special 1-year bachelor degree course, the lower and higher vocational courses.

All the courses are divided into 1 part of in-class attendance and 2 parts of knowledge and experience transfer designed by the Office of Vocational Education, the Ministry of Education. The bachelor degree level has 12 courses of 72 credits. Those who complete the course will receive a B.A. on Management Science (Hotel and Tourism) from the Sukhothai Thammathirat University.

In terms of the B.A. education, the Hua Hin Municipality is in charge of only coordinating and encouraging local people to access the education as much as possible to reach the main goal of national, social and human resources development and make Hua Hin a high potential city of tourism of Thailand.