1,800 Thais in the US scheduled to return home in December


The Royal Thai Embassy in Washington has reported that 1,800 Thai nationals are ready to return home between 2 – 31 December. Nine flights are scheduled for the whole month and only 200 passengers will be allowed on each flight.

The Embassy and three other Consulate-Generals in the US requests cooperation from relevant authorities to prepare and facilitate the arrivals of the passengers returning home this year.

A total number of 2,900 Thais have registered through www.thaiembdc.org/emergency  on 10 Nov to return home in December but only 1,800 were approved including those who did not specify their travelling date. The schedules of the flights are as follows:

2nd December  – Qatar Airways
4th December  – Etihad Airways
10th December  – Japan Airlines
11th December  – All Nippon Airways
17th December  – Cathay Pacific
18th December  – Etihad Airways
24th December  – Asiana Airlines
25th December  – Eva Air
31st December  – Korean Air