2nd Cha-Am Boat Racing Ends with Solidarity

2nd Cha-Am Boat Racing Ends with Solidarity
2nd Cha-Am Boat Racing Ends with Solidarity

By Sorravit

The 2nd Cha-Am Boat Racing ended already with strong unity and solidarity between organizers from Cha-Am and participants from Hua Hin, Pattaya, Chom Thian and Bang Sean beaches.

The event, coincided with the 2nd Festival of Sea Shell Eating, Bird Watching and Squid Fishing, started on 24 September 2011. It enables all owners of cruises from famous beaches of Thailand, namely Pattaya, Chom Thian, Bang Saen, Hua Hin and Cha-Am, to provide their boats in this activity, symbolizing their strong unity in doing business together. Moreover, it helps boost tourism in Cha-Am as it makes the city well-known as a venue for national and international sport competitions.
According to the Chairman of the Cha-Am Cruise Club Mr. Wipaspong Apirakwong, the 2nd Cha-Am Boat Racing includes 7 types of boats: Small Suite, Speed Boat Open, Open 30, Open 40, Lak Kluay 30, Lak Kluay 40 and Standard.

This activity will not be successful without cooperation and sponsorship throughout from the Cha-Am Municipality, the Cha-Am Cruise Club, the Singha Corporation and many other sponsors from Cha-Am and other provinces of Thailand.

Followings are the results of the competition categorized by the types of participating boats:
1. Small Suite Type: A-Ku (Winner), Cha-Am Fiber (1st Runner Up) and Lung Dam Bang Saen (2nd Runner Up)
2. Speed Boat Open: Saeng Thai Seafood (Winner), Ya Sin (1st Runner Up) and Bang Sib Meun, Mong Khol Chom Thian (2nd Runner Up)
3. Open 30: Chokjarukit (Winner), Kamlai Kaew (1st Runner Up) and Lung Ku (2nd Runner Up)
4. Open 40: Lung Ku (Winner), Luk New (1st Runner Up) and Karn Tha Thai (2nd Runner Up)
5. Lak Kluay 30: Chokjarukit 74 (Winner), Chokjarukit 58 (1st Runner Up) and Chokjarukit 68 (2nd Runner Up)
6. Lak Kluay 40: Cha-Am Fiber (Winner), Karn Tha Thai (1st Runner Up) and Luk New (2nd Runner Up)
7. Stanndard: Chokjarukit (Winner), Kamlai Kaew (1st Runner Up) and Theerayuth (2nd Runner Up)