A Hua Hin Electric Car Construction

A Hua Hin Electric Car Construction
A Hua Hin Electric Car Construction

EV Speed, based in Hua Hin is a small Electric Vehicle Business, getting a foothold on an emerging market with a likely to be our principle form of transport in the near future.Mr Kalniev and Mr Roberts have been involved in the Electric vehicle arena for several years each, albeit in different areas.

Mr Kalniev has been an Eco advocate for many years, studied business management and has researched and presented several projects on behalf of the United Nations in several countries and received the Un’s certificate for Green Growth.

Mr Roberts has been conducting R&D under several guises for several years since arriving in Thailand, now possessing knowledge of motors/controllers and ancillary components and how they interact. Mr Roberts ;‘The idea of EV Speed is to create awareness of Electric Vehicles, to convert current vehicles to electric drive, to make Electric Vehicles a viable option for everyone’.

The Guys have just completed a conversion of a Toyota Yaris, you may well see around Hua Hin, the conversion is to show how easy it is to use such a vehicle in your daily life, just plug it in and drive.The converted Yaris was designed to be an entry level EV for use around town and so a 120km range will get Mr or Mrs Average about 3-4 days driving depending on driving style and use.

The Yaris’s looks remain unchanged as care was taken not to compromise the original design only the exhaust pipe is missing and a slight glimpse of the battery box is possible from the rear.Driving the converted Yaris is like driving an automatic car, only no noise, or emissions, all electronic features like power steering, lights, Radio/Audio remain untouched.

An onboard charger means that this EV can be charged anywhere by using the power lead, just plug it in to a 20+amp 220v power supply. A full quick charge will take 3-4 hours but it is recommended to let the EV charge over night or to keep the batteries topped up even after a short run. A full charge will cost around 70-80thb.

The batteries are imported Lithium-ion cells which allow fast charging and are up to 1/3rd the weight of traditional deep cycle batteries, the battery protection equipment ensure that you do not over or undercharge the batteries. Under the bonnet you can see the heart of the drive system, the speed controllers, this drive train has been designed to make the most of regeneration, by giving each motor it’s own controller, which allows us to programme each motor to switch to regeneration at different times, optionally we can just switch off any motors for extra economy or if a motor or controller fails it can be isolated and the car can still drive.Mr Kalniev; ‘we would like to expand at a quicker rate so we are looking for an investment partner, who can contact either of us via our website. Http:// evspeed.webs.com