A Story About Happy Childhood Memories


Hua Hin Today had the privilidge to be a small part of a beach party arranged for over 20 kids who live at a home for kids distant from the mainstream of Thai society near the Myanmar border. These are kids who could have been homeless as they do not have the daily support of parents or extended family members. The enthusiasm of the kids was obvious, they didn’t even bother to take-off their flotation vests after rides on the banana boat before taking the next jump on the inflatable castle. The smile on the faces of kids showed that they were having a happy day that is sure to remain in memories longterm. Childhood memories shouldn’t only be about a drab existance lacking some of the real joys of life.

The beach party was hosted by the Hua Hin Sailing Club with proprieter Richard showing his Thai language proficiency by offering the kids free ‘ice-a-cream’ after a wholesome lunch. Some three years ago the needs of these kids was recognised by some foreign visitors to Cha-Am. Very soon fund-raising events were being organised in their home country followed by some local organisation in Cha-Am to keep that momentum going. A loosely arranged steering committeewas formed, regular connections between the kids and the Cha-Am community began and around 70 volunteers are now involved.

There is careful financial management by the person steering committee (supporters may pledge regular donations to a bank account), a ‘buddy system’ to promote interaction between members and individual kids and regular social events in Cha-Am. Apart from funding some of the essentials of life, there is a desire to become a longterm influence and source of hope for these kids. The strange part of this story is that this group, organisation or collective has no name! My enquiry about a name was greeted with some surprise; in the past everyone just knew who they were.

But there was a shared agreement that the time has come, but how to express in a name what these people are all about? We spotted two steering committee members fromBuilding Bridges Thailand (Cha-Am) discussing this dilemma at the party. Maybe the answer is in a collaboration of some sort.

Enquiries should be directed to: morberner@gmail.com