Ads to raise awareness of human trafficking in CLMT


Clips in Cambodian, Lao, Myanmar and Thai will air on TV, at cinemas and on social media later this month

In a bid to eradicate the regional issue of human trafficking, four advertising video clips targeting audiences in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand – known as CLMT – in their mother tongues are to be aired on various channels to make people aware of such crimes. The spots will be aired later this month on TV and at cinemas as well as on YouTube, Line and Facebook.

The first episode for Thailand titled “Miss Home” has a melancholy feel and portrays elderly parents and their grandchild awaiting the return of their daughter who was apparently a victim of human trafficking.

It then switches to a warning from Thai actor Wanchana Sawatdee, who says: “Do not trust people easily, or you might be sold aboard and never be able to come back to see your loved ones who wait for you.” Actress Khemanit Jamikorn then appears and concludes: “Adhering to the legal immigration procedure and the registration of workers will allow you to be protected by the Government of Thailand. We stand firm to protect and care for you.”

Photo Credit: Ministry of Social Development and Human Security

During the project’s launch on December 13 at the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHS)’s Department of Social Development and Welfare, deputy permanent secretary Pacharee Arayakul noted that some neighboring countries were the departure points of human trafficking victims while others were the destinations and added that the MSDHS has been working closely with its counterparts in the region with the aim of reducing and eventually eradicating human trafficking crimes from this part of the world.

Thailand had made trafficking in persons a national agenda item, signed MoUs with related agencies and organizations and vowed to spearhead ASEAN’s attempts to end human trafficking and the MSDHS had thus made it a mission to produce video clips about human trafficking in CLMT directed by well-known filmmaker Marut Sarowat, each lasting 30 seconds and with soundtracks in Cambodian, Lao, Myanmar and Thai. Five well-known actors appear in the clips, namely Thailand’s Wanchana and Khemanit, Cambodian actress Maneth Athana Nou, Myanmar actor Htam Hkay Keksi and Lao actor Phouvaneth Phaengsavanh.

With various channels running the ads and the star power, Pacharee expressed the hope that people would become aware of the human trafficking issues and that this would lead to better surveillance and greater participation in solving the problem.

During the event, Pacharee also presented a plaque of honor to actress Khemanit, who represented Thai actors in the advertising episodes and presented gifts to Cambodian actress Maneth Athana Nou and Myanmar actor Htam Hkay Keksi.