Aggies’ Derrick Roland heading home


SEATTLE (AP) — Texas A&M senior guard Derrick Roland is heading home for Christmas — with a rod and three screws in his leg.

Dr. Chris Wahl, the surgeon who repaired the multiple fractures in Roland’s right leg early Wednesday, told The Associated Press that he cleared Roland to leave Harborview Medical Center on Thursday and return home because his wound and fracture are healing well.

But because the leader of the No. 19 Aggies still feels weak and has yet to tolerate regular food since his surgery to repair a broken tibia and fibula, he is waiting until Friday to return to Texas on a medical transport plane.

The Aggies’ defensive stopper and second-leading scorer snapped his leg on a fall early in the second half Tuesday night in a loss at No. 22 Washington.

The injury has spawned nearly a 1,000 get-well messages to the hospital from around the country.