Amazing Muay Thai Festival 2023: Guinness World Record attempt to happen in Hua Hin TONIGHT!


By Paul Laffisse

Something really spectacular is set to take place in Hua Hin this evening (Monday).

Tonight from 4pm, Rajabhakti Park opens its doors to the final day of the Amazing Muay Thai Festival 2023.

Monday will be the culmination of what has been a week-long celebration of the sport of Muay Thai.

During all the previous week, there has been daily Muay Thai training on the beach, demonstrations, seminars, the Thailand Cup Tournament and the WBC World Championships.

On Monday the event will close with the world’s largest wai-kru ceremony performed by 5,000 Muay Thai boxers on Feb 6, which will set a Guinness World Record.

The performance will be led by Thai Muay Thai superstar Buakaw Banchamek.

Image: Buakaw

The performance coincides with National Muay Thai Day which is also celebrated on Feb 6.

Rehearsals have been happening throughout the previous week and the event is set to be quite a spectacle.

Monday’s activities include:

Muay Thai Exhibitions
– Demonstrations MuayThai 4 styles
– Best provincial products showcase
– MuayThai competitions
– MuayThai Merchandise booth
– Local activities such as tattoo
Making Mongkol Muay and Sword forging

18.00 – 22.00
– Ceremony to pay homage to the late Tiger King and the 7 Great King
– Wai Kru Ceremony Guinness world record
– MuayThai competitions