An Interview with Cha Am Mayor


The Lord Mayor of Cha Am

Mr. Nugool Pornsomboonsiri

It is an honor that on its very first edition Cha Am Today has an opportunity to have an exclusive interview with the Mayor of Cha Am Mr. Nugool Pornsomboonsiri who has many interesting ideas to share with us. With pleasure, the mayor had answered all the questions we had for him and therefore broaden our knowledge on what is going on and will be happening in Cha Am in the near future.

Cha Am Today: As the host of this town, what do you think makes Cha Am a popular destination for tourists, especially for Thais, as we can see that there are more than 5,000,000 visitors to Cha Am each year?

The Mayor:Cha Am has long been known as a peaceful town suitable for those who prefer relaxing holidays. We, the municipality and also Cha Am residents are also trying our best to maintain and enhance that point. Basically what we can do and have been doing to make Cha Am a place worth visiting is the constant preservations of the environment and landscapes of the town. Also, we always encourage the locals and entrepreneurs to show their spirit of good hosts, to warmly welcome visitors in the best manner they can.

Cha Am Today:We understand that there are speculations on the opening of big shopping malls like LOTUS, BIG C or MAKRO in Cha Am in the future, what are your opinions on this and what are the policies regarding this from the side of the municipality?

The Mayor: As long as it proceeds as according to the Ministerial Regulations regarding the locations, constructions and all other aspects, I think such projects should benefit the town and the people, locals and visitors alike. It will increase choices for the purchasers.

Cha Am Today:There is a rumor about building up a Disneyland in Cha Am, is there any factual data you can tell us regarding this?

The Mayor: Yes, there have been rumors about that. However, there’s no clear picture or format of how the project is going to be imposed. All I heard is that there is preparation of the land for the project but the actual investment on that has not been made clear yet.

Cha Am Today: Also, we’ve heard that Chang Beer has bought some lot in Cha Am for some investments as well?

The Mayor: Yes, they have bought 18,000 rais. They have proceeded with the development of the roads around the lot and also divided the land into different phases in order for the groups of foreign investors to come and decide what business they would like to invest in which part of the lot, etc. There would be investments of such business as golf courses and property, etc.

Cha Am Today: Due to the growing of both the towns of Cha Am and Hua Hin we can see that the one of the major problems caused is the traffic problem, especially on weekends; does the municipality have any plans or solutions to solve this?

The Mayor: Matter-of-factly, this is the direct responsibility of the police. Nevertheless the municipality tries to help in the improvements of the roads and the indication of the possible alternative routes, etc. For example, there are actually many the roads leading to the beach but the people only take the one from the main junction which creates the jam. Other things like the installation of signs indicating the shortcuts, etc could also be done but this must be carefully considered as it could create confusions to the drivers. However we’re discussing this with the Department of Highways.

Cha Am Today: As a young leader of the city, could you tell us more about the development plans for future or new ideas for further progress of Cha Am?

The Mayor: Cha Am has been constantly growing and I’m aware that we have to be ready for any format of investments. Most importantly the public utilities such as the routes for transportation, electricity, water, etc must be adequately prepared. They might seem to be very basic elements but actually they are very important, as these standard structures are what attract the investors. The main duties of the municipality are to monitor and improve these aspects so that we do not lose the opportunities for the beneficial investments and developments. Also, we’ll be keeping up with the activities, festive events and various other functions help for the promotion of tourism. Whatever we have now, we try to make them better.

Cha Am Today: What are your personal prospects or your dreams for the future of Cha Am as one of its residents?

The Mayor: I would like to see Cha Am continues to be a calm and peaceful place to stay in as it has always been. I truly hope that visitors; Thai or foreign as well as the residents of Cha Am will be enjoying all that this town has to offer. It would be nice if we could keep the environment unspoiled like this so that everyone can be assured that Cha Am is the safe and pleasant destination to visit and live in.

Cha Am Today: Finally, is there any message you’d like to say to the foreign visitors and residents of Cha Am?

The Mayor: For the foreign visitors, I would like to say that it’s great pleasure to welcome you here to our home and we’d love for you to keep coming back and also to recommend your friends from your countries to visit us and experience the same blissfulness we’d like to guarantee. Here in Cha Am, we all assure you that we consider all visitors the important guests always. As for the foreign residents in the town, we’re also very happy to have you here and should there be any matters that we could be of help, please let us know and we’ll try to assist you the best way we can.

I’d also like to thank Cha Am Today for the kind support as the medium of communication between the foreign visitors/residents and the Cha Am community. I believe that this new channel of communication will be of great use for the foreigners and the residents of Cha Am.

· Cha-Am’s Chief of the police welcomes the publication of

Cha Am Today

Pol.Lt.Col. A-jin Buapan, Deputy Superintendent Amphoe Cha Am Police Station had discussed with us about the status of the foreign tourists and residents in the town of Cha Am. He also expressed the gladness of having the first local English Newspaper of Cha Am, as the medium of communication between Thais and foreigners.

Pol.Lt.Col. A-jin Buapan had informed us that one of the problems occurred earlier is that there was no translator to help the police communicate with the foreign visitors or residents when they came to seek help at the police station.

Mr Ove Cha-Am Today representative in Cha Am has added

The Cha Am Today Team is very pleased to be the tool of communication for the community. We’d like to help the municipality, the police as well as the society as a whole to effectively communicate with the foreigners in Cha Am and vice versa.

Cha Am Today is glad to be of service regarding this. Our team members in the area of Cha Am will be delighted to support the police when they need help with translations or communications with the foreigners. Also, our team will participate in as much as possible all functions held by the local governor team and the police to gather all valuable news and information and to announce them to the public.

All foreigners could also use our website as a forum of communicating your messages to the municipality, the police and the people of Cha Am.