Andrew Stocks – “Interviewing a Dream Maker”

Andrew Stocks – “Interviewing a Dream Maker”
Andrew Stocks – “Interviewing a Dream Maker”

Q: We have heard that you live in Hua Hin full time, is that right?
A: Yes, I live in Hua Hin most of the time but I travel frequently too. So I guess I am “living out of the cage” half of the time.

Q: How do you manage so many businesses all at the same time?
A: Well I have many wonderful, loyal, dedicated, trustworthy staffs and without them I couldn’t do it all. I am very much in control, I want to know everything that’s going on everywhere and I am very particular in the small details.

Q: With regards to your company Sunshine International, many people have tried this kind of business and they failed… How did you make it so successful?
A: Sunshine International is on course to becoming the leading trademark of Retirement Residences in Thailand. In our first year and a half of operation we signed contracts with clients giving us enough construction work for four years. We are spending Billions of Baht over the next five years to spread the trademark nationwide. It is successful because we’re concern about the small details. This business isn’t just about pumping money into it, it’s about getting it right and making genuine relationship with customers… and of course, paying attention on the bits and pieces.

Q: I heard you’re planning to build a new hotel in Cha am, is that right?
A: Yes, that’s right. We have almost finished the plan and it’s a huge project costing over 1 Billion Baht. The Hotel is designed for early retirees who want to live a luxury life that most people only can dream of. Imagining having your own pool villa in a first class hotel and the benefit of all the hotel facilities. It’s gonna be awesome. I love it when I can help people have the retirement they always dreamed of.

Q: Almost everyone I speak to, knows or have heard about you. Why are you so well- known?
A: Well, just like this interview, I have done so many but also I am known for my charity works, and for the various large projects I have done in the past.

Q: You were Born in England, been here for most of your life, do you ever plan to go back home one day?
A: Yes, I still love England, but I am at home in Thailand. It’s such a beautiful country because the people are so beautiful in many ways. And as I get older, I think I need to stay in Thailand because Thai people love to care and respect foreigners.

Q: What other projects do you plan to start?
A: We will be announcing a couple of hotels soon in Pattaya and Phuket.

Q: How about your Children’s Home, how is it going?
A: Yes, the Children’s Home is doing well… the manager there is being promoted to work in another business and we are taking in a new manger soon. Currently, the number of children is low but we are looking at taking in more children very soon. We are also looking for volunteers.

Q: How much is your net worth? I know this has been asked in many interviews, but rarely do you a reply.
A: Yes, I like to stay private and confidential, all my businesses are owned by me and my Thai partner and we don’t borrow money from the bank and we don’t take in shareholders. I have a kind and considerate Thai partner who is very honest and has a lovely son and daughter. We have worked together around 20 years and I am happy with the way it is. I like to work with honest people who just don’t think about money, but they also care for others.

Q: Will you ever consider putting any of your companies on the stock market?
A: I don’t think so… I like to be in control because I care for the small things too much. With shareholders I have to do things their way and I believe I have an eye for attention to details and carry out my work with love.

Q: How many hours do you work each week?
A: I guess around 130 hours a week. I love what I do; I love meeting people and I love talking to my staffs too. I often help them to clean areas of the hotel, offices and even help them with the gardens sometimes. I never ask my staff to do anything that I wouldn’t do myself. I love my work.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?
A: I guess in ten years time more of my businesses will be more nation-wide and international too… so I guess I will always just be traveling.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?
A: I don’t really have any spare time.

Q: Are you enjoying your life and do you ever worry?
A: Yes, I love my life and I do not worry. I try to do everything in my business within the laws, so I have nothing to worry about at night. I like to sleep early if I can, by 8 or 9 p.m. I have always been a giver in life and I believe what goes around comes around, so I have been totally blessed.

Q: Why do you want to keep on working, I presume you have enough money to stop?
A: I love my work, my work is my life and it’s not about making money. It’s about setting a challenge and scoring the goals. If someone tells me I can’t do something, I always like to prove them wrong with an “I did it!”

Q: Do you think like normal people do?
A: No, certainly not. I have always done things differently than others. I almost always do things that are not normal and I know what I want and I don’t think about spending money to get what I want, I just go for it! I believe life is too short not to allow our dreams to come true. So many people I have met on their deathbed said I wish I had done that, I wish I done this. I don’t want to have those wishes, I want to live a fulfilled life.

Q: How much do you normally spend each month on yourself?
A: I really don’t know. Each month is so different. I always spend more on others than I do myself.

Q: What about your enemies?
A: I like them mostly, I don’t really have enemies, I don’t like fighting and I prefer just to let them win. I will always have people that are jealous of me, but I don’t mind, I just carry on doing my daily things. That’s their problem, not mine.

Q: Are your parents still alive?
A: Yes, they are… and they will be coming here soon; very often they take a cruise out from the UK to come and see me. I have always been very close to my parents and we get along so well. My Mother doesn’t like flying much so she loves to cruise.

Q: If you had one wish, what would it be?
A: I only wish for good health and a peaceful and happy life.