Another Way to Cool Down Petchaburi’s River Playground

Cool Down Petchaburi’s River Playground
Cool Down Petchaburi’s River Playground

If you are looking for a way to escape the heat, an alternative to the beach and salt water, don’t have access to a swimming pool but long for a dip in some cooling fresh water, we have the answer! If you take the exit from the main Cha-Am to Bangkok highway west heading towards Kaeng Krachan National Park you’ll find yourself following a narrow canal or klong before veering right through a small village.

After that you’ll come to a relatively new bridge crossing the Petchaburi River. Just drive over the bridge then immediately turn right. You will come to a parking area with a small number of food and drink vendors and families sitting alongside the river under shading shelters. The distance from Cha-Am is around 15 kilometres.

The river at this point is just below a gate regulating the amount of water released, so there is a clean, clear, gently flowing river, only waist deep and refreshingly cool, not cold. No floating debris or aquatic creatures to be concerned about and smooth pebbles are on the river bed. It’s easy to stand or wade, although maybe ‘flip flops’ if your feet are on the sensitive side. Kids love it here.

It’s a very user friendly picnic place where you can easily join in the aquatic fun or just keep as eye on the kids enjoying the stream. Seating mats, inner tubes or small plastic dinghies can be rented or bring your own inflatable may be the go. We spotted one green inflatable elephant (chang naam?) which really suited the surroundings.

Foreigners are few and far between but that’s not an issue, the locals are very welcoming. w For some this will be a reminder of the local river ‘swimming hole’ enjoyed during their own childhood after school. We hope that our photos will give you an appreciation of this very pleasant chill-out venue, well worth an afternoon’s drive to relive those innocent times.