“Anti-Monarchy” Thai woman gets jailed for record 43-year

Anchan posted audio clips from a podcast on social media. Photo: EPS

A Thai woman has been jailed for 43 years for criticising the royal family, the country’s hardest ever sentence for disrespecting the monarchy.

Anchan Preelert a former government official posted audio clips from a podcast on social media.

The 63-year old said she had only shared the audio files and had not commented on the content.

Thailand’s lèse-majesté law, which forbids any insult to the monarchy is among the strictest in the world.

After a three-year break, Thailand restored the controversial law last year in an effort to restrain months of anti-government protests. Demonstrators who jointed the protest are demanding changes to the monarchy.

Anchan declared guilty to 29 separate violations of sharing and posting clips on YouTube and Facebook between the year of 2014 and 2015.

Anchan is among a group of 14 people charged with lèse-majesté shortly after a military junta seized power in 2014 vowing to stamp out criticism of the monarchy.

The group is accused of uploading podcasts, popular in dissident circles, which questioned official accounts of the monarchy.

The author of the podcasts served only two years in jail and has already been released.

Source: BBC