‘For Art’s Sake’ – Where You Can Be Part of the Scenery

‘For Art’s Sake’ - Where You Can Be Part of the Scenery
‘For Art’s Sake’ - Where You Can Be Part of the Scenery

For Art’s Sake is a 4D art gallery on the outskirts of the town where visitors flock during the weekends to appreciate and being amongst contemporary art.

4D Art has gained popularity in Thailand with many cities and towns providing a venue to appreciate this art form; ‘Art in Paradise’ in Chiang Mai is just one. What makes For Art’s Sake special is that all the artworks in the gallery are by Thai artists so that Thai people can take pride in the work. It’s really a combination of art appreciation with a fun element and some of the best imaginable photo opportunities. At the entrance to the gallery is the Red Carpet.

This is where ordinary people share the limelight with Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie. After the entrance, the gallery just gets better and better with so many exciting 4D arts ranging from the Childhood Zone to Imagination Zone, from the Horror Zone to Illusion Mirrors, from the Mirror Climb to Piano Stairs and many more. A friend yelling although at the same time thrilled to be in Shark’s jaws! If you fancy messing with sharks but are too scared to do so in real life, then this is the scene you probably shouldn’t miss! It’s never an easy task to stand still in upside down room! Pungent smells and scary music just add to the horror scenes.

For Art’s Sake is a new experience where one actually feels involved in the art. Your presence completes the artwork; real performance art. For Art’s Sake is located at Thanon Phetkasem Road close to the Hua Hin Hospital. It’s open each day from 10 am to 8 pm.