Asian Secure Hua Hin Protecting Your Documents & Valuables

Asian Secure Hua Hin Protecting Your Documents & Valuables
Asian Secure Hua Hin Protecting Your Documents & Valuables

Security: Providing the safest place for people to keep their valuables.
Trust: Protecting customers’ anonymity and privacy.
Convenience: Providing a hassle-free experience in an easily accessible location.

Imagine returning to your home in Hua Hin from a trip back to your homeland, a weekend away or just a shopping trip to discover there’s been a burglary or even a fire or flood. Those personal items that may have little value to anyone else but are essential to you have been stolen or destroyed. Irreplaceable personal items that have been coveted for years are gone forever. Hua Hin may not be a ‘hot spot’ for such events however the storage of valuable items remains a concern for everyone.

Storing your valuables in a private safe deposit box vault is about reducing this risk. The question is; would you rather store your precious belongings in a vulnerable home safe or protect them in a high security and high tech steel vault? Asian Secure as the first private vault in Hua Hin has now been opened for 6 months. Rental deposit boxes are now available with dual lock mechanisms with constant monitoring with CCTV, smoke, motion and vibration sensors. At the first sign of any disturbance a security team is ready to intervene 24/7.

Fingerprint scanning identifies clients for access without any other form of identification required. This is just one of the big differences between the Asian Secure model and what banks may offer. Banks typically require a one year minimum term, a long list of documents, a large deposit and have long waitlist. They may also be restricted to Thai residents. The Asian Secure founder is a French national who doesn’t really want to named or for that matter have his staff identified.

That’s just a part of his security strategy learnt after a security industry background spanning over ten years. However we were escorted through the more than substantial vault entry door to see the rows of multi sized security boxes. Once again no photos allowed! There are four current safe box sizes up to 444 mm wide x 205 mm deep x 450 mm high, with rental costs starting from 367 THB per month. There are plans to expand both the number of boxes but also facilities to securely store larger items; golf clubs being just one example.

The owner is also looking at expanding the service to other Thailand locations; there’s an obvious need to cities such as Phuket, Chiang Mai and Pattaya. A visit to Asian Secure provides the opportunity to best understand how the important needs for security, trust and convenience will be provided. You can then be certain that your valuables will be untouched and waiting for your return; anytime!

Telephone: office 032 900 241, French/ English 086 504 6405, Thai 086 354 7352
Address: 250/201 Soi 94 Phetchkasem Road, 2nd Floor – (adjoining G Mall Hua Hin Resort) Website: