Aussie motocross rider to attempt grueling 24-hour ride world record near Hua Hin


Former professional motocross champion Mark Savage, 49, is gearing up for an extraordinary challenge.

On August 31, at the Sam’s Canyon motocross and off-road circuit in Sam Roi Yot, Mark will attempt the first of three world record attempts and he is determined to make history.

Mark Savage’s journey into the world of motocross began on a vast cattle station in the Australian outback of western Queensland. Growing up on a 3.5 million-acre family farm, he was educated through Australia’s School of the Air program, which provides distance education to children in remote areas. From a young age, Savage demonstrated exceptional racing skills, competing locally by the time he was nine.

By the age of 13, Mark had secured sponsorship from Honda and turned professional at 16. His career took him around the globe, competing in motocross, supercross, and 1000cc superbikes. Mark’s racing career was marked by significant achievements and financial rewards, as well notable setbacks, including 11 surgeries resulting from his daring exploits on the track.

This isn’t the first time Mark has attempted a world record.

In 2009, he set a world record for the greatest distance covered on a motocross track in 24 hours. Although this record was later broken due to rule changes, Mark, now 49 remains resolute in reclaiming it.

Mark, who has been visiting Thailand for 20 years and initially lived in Pattaya, has recently relocated to Hua Hin.

He said he finds Hua Hin more relaxing and is the ideal place for him to set up home with his wife and young some. The environment of Hua Hin has provided the ideal backdrop for Mark to prepare for his upcoming record attempt, given it’s close proximity to Sam’s Canyon, where Mark will be attempting the record.

Preparing for the challenge

Training for the record attempt has been rigorous. Mark has focused on riding and cutting weight to optimize his performance. One of his key training goals is to keep his heart rate below 140 bpm, which he believes will help him endure the grueling 24-hour ride.

Mark will be using a Yamaha 450 for his record attempt. Sam’s Canyon, chosen for its suitability, is undergoing modifications to accommodate the challenges he will face. Mark’s three world record attempts include:

24-Hour distance record: On August 31, Mark aims to cover more than 740 km in 24 hours. He is allowed a 10-minute break every hour to refuel and hydrate. The attempt will commence at 12 p.m. Mark said he anticipates that after 14 to 15 hours, the skin on his hands will become soft, akin to spending too long in the bath, and may begin to peel away.

Team Event – Most Laps in 24 Hours: This event will see a group of riders from around the world collaborating to complete the most laps in 24 hours and will be completed at a later date.

Longest Ramp-to-Dirt Jump: Mark aims to set a new record with a jump of 500 feet which will also be completed at a later date.

Marks says these record attempts will be recorded and submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records for verification.

Mark’s family and friends are providing steadfast support for his record attempts, and he is actively seeking sponsorships. These sponsorships will not only support his world record attempts but also his long-term goal of establishing a motocross academy near Hua Hin.

New motocross academy

Mark envisions the academy as a platform for Thai youth to engage in motocross, providing kids with opportunities that would not normally be available to him and opportunities similar to those he had during his career.

“There’s so much untapped potential in Thailand,” Mark said, comparing the country’s potential to Australia, where motocross is highly popular. Thailand, with more than 2.5 times the population of Australia, has a vast pool of talent waiting to be discovered.

Mark’s vision for the academy includes providing young riders who show potential with bikes and expert coaching.

He hopes to see a Thai rider competing internationally, either on a motocross team in the USA or Australia. Mark is also keen on encouraging girls to take up the sport.

Call to the community

Mark is calling on the local community to support him during his record attempts at Sam’s Canyon on August 31. The event is open to spectators, with food and drinks available and a designated watching area for attendees.

Mark also welcomes volunteers to assist with measuring lap times and helping during break stops throughout the night and morning.

This is a unique event happening near Hua Hin. It’s a must-attend for motorsport or motocross fans.