Bag Trends Summer 2015

Bag Trends Summer 2015
Bag Trends Summer 2015


Tote bags never go out of style and this summer they made a big comeback with simple neutrals, flashy metallic to bold leather. They are great for casual outings, travel, beach trips or night outs.

Shoulder Bags

Although carrying bags in hand to feel the “pulse” is still uber-hot, the summer 2015 handbag trends also bring those timeless shoulder bags for those, who are used to carrying their bags this way. Shoulder bags are available in a myriad of shapes and shades in the new season and they look really trendy and modern even though they don’t carry any innovative fashion vibes.

Modern Backpacks

They came to fashion a few seasons ago and they still manage to look hot. Backpacks aren’t only for schoolgirls and hikers any more, especially when they come in such a big diversity in the new season. When you carry a backpack once you’ll hardly love to switch back to those modern designs!