Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin Celebrates 1st anniversary

Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin Celebrates
Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin Celebrates

The executives and administrative officers of Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin celebrated the 1st anniversary on providing medical service to Thais and foreigners. The Director of the Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin Emeritus Dr. Somarch Wongkhomthong said that the hospital hosted the first year anniversary on 5 April and invited many distinguished guests, most of whom are senior officers, local administrators of Hua Hin, guesthouse owners and hoteliers, to celebrate this auspicious occasion and congratulate the hospital because it was awarded the JVI and CIPT, 2 International Appraisal and Inspection services award from the US and Germany respectively. At present, the hospital is recognized as a leading brand name medical center of Thailand and Hua Hin.

The Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin is open 24 hours and provides prompt medical treatment for accidents, emergency operation and diagnosis. Equipped fully with new ambulances, it can provide doctors to treat patients at home or hotel, thus saving time for patients to go to the hospital and reduce risk of further illness. Emeritus Dr. Somarch added that the past year saw 70% Thai patients from Hua Hin and other areas coming to the hospital and 30% from Europe and Scandinavia.

While most Thai patients often have fever, flu, diarrhea and accident from natural disaster, foreigners admitted at the hospital usually suffer from heart attack, blood pressure and congenital diseases. With its totally 27 affiliates throughout the country, the Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin enjoys the same standard of medical service to all patients with qualified specialists, modern equipment and fast but reliable treatment. Apart from international standard of medical treatment, we do social work with local administrators including donation and charity, too. Lately, we’ve given water tanks to the Thanarat Military Base so that soldiers and officials there store more water for this hot weather,” said the Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin’s Director.