Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin Grand Opening


With a 1 billion baht budget, Hua Hin Hospital can provide top-notch services to Thais and foreigners. The Bangkok Dusit Medical Services, the parent organization for all the “Bangkok Hospitals”, has recently manifested its medical treatment and services par excellence by officially opening the Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin, its first network in the western part of Thailand. Fully operating on 6 April 2011, the Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin provides modern and high-tech medical equipment and 60 beds in total for Thai and foreign patients.

Built with 1 billion baht budget, it has an impressive management team, professional specialists, nursing staff and doctors. Boasting clinics in general medicine, Children’s Clinic, Women’s Care Clinic, General Surgery and some surgical specialty areas such as Orthopedic Surgery, Urology and other specialty areas, it will soon become the pitch perfect private hospital of Western Thailand and maybe the biggest medical hub of Asia. According to the Chairman of the Executive and Managing Director Board of the Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Dr.

Prasert Prasatthong O-Sot, the Bangkok Hospital and all its networks are determined in fulfilling its mission on taking care of health and life of all patients, regardless of their nationality and language. That’s why the hospital and its affiliates are continuously improving quality on medical treatment to the world-class level. The Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin is an example of an excellent medical institution that can accommodate up to 500 patients daily with effective medical equipment and services of international standard. Prof. Emeritus Dr. Som-art Wongkhomthong, the Director of the Bangkok Hua Hin Hospital, said that it was the 19th hospital and the medical public organization of the Bangkok Hospital chain. Its construction began on 11 November 2009 on a 14- Rai plot.

On 1 November 2010, the Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin provided treatment services on general medicine, medical emergency, accident treatment and patient transfer to its Bangkok-based network via ICU Mobile and Sky ICU. Since 6 April 2011, it has been functioning in the name of the Bangkok Hua Hin Hospital. Designed in a 5-floor building with 60 rooms for in-house patients, the Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin has treatment rooms for outpatients and patients of accident or emergency cases on the 1st floor. Operating rooms and ICUs are on the 2nd floor. The 3rd floor belongs to the laboratory of molecular biology, the administration, the executive and training departments. The 4th and 5th floors has rooms of in-house patients while the roof deck is used to park a helicopter that sends patients of serious cases for further treatment in Bangkok. “Today the hospital is available 24 hours a day for both diagnosis, treatment and follow-up by specialists in all fields, namely physicians, obstetrician, medical rehabilitation doctors, dentists and so on.

It also has complete medical facilities, specialized treatment services such as the outpatient treatment service department, the dental department, the surgery department, the artificial kidney department, the rehabilitation department, the intensive care unit (ICU), the neonatal department and the health promotion department among others, along with nursing and medical personnel with high experience as well as medical technology equivalent to its Bangkok-based network.

The Mobile ICU, equipped with emergency life-saving machines and controlled by the GPS, is able to locate a patient effectively, while the Sky ICU can transfer the patient to Bangkok quickly and safely,” said Dr. Som-art. The above-mentioned proves the Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin’s capacity in providing excellent medical services for Thais and foreigners alike because taking care of all patients as if they were family members is another important step towards international standard on medical development apart from modern medical equipment, the Director of the Bangkok Hua Hin Hospital. For more information on the Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin, please contact its Call Center at 1719 or visit the website: www.