Bangkok Taxis now allowed to charge ‘luggage handling fees’

Bangkok taxis are now allowed to charge extra 'luggage handling fees'. (Photo: Bangkok Post)

From today onward, Bangkok taxis can now start charging passengers for large luggage items with handling fees ranging from 20 to 100 baht per item. Under the new regulations, taxi drivers are required to tell passengers in advance about the extra luggage fees, if they are carrying one.

The extra luggage handling fees are as follows:

  • Bags or luggage larger than 26”(inches) = 20 baht
  • Larger than 50” = no more than 100 baht
  • Other large items i.e. bicycles, sports equipment, musical instruments, etc. = no more than 100 baht.
  • Additional bags (aside from first paid 2 luggage) = 20 baht each

    Bags larger than 26 inches will be 20 baht and items larger than 50 inches will be no more than 100 baht. Other large items like sports equipment, bicycles, surfboards or musical instruments will be no more than 100 baht. After the first 2 items, additional bags will be 20 baht each.

The Transport Ministry says people will not be charged extra for handicap equipment like wheelchairs and walking sticks. Passengers will also not be charged extra for small personal belongings like handbags, computer cases or backpacks.

Source: The Thaiger | Nation Thailand
Photo: Bangkok Post