Battle of the Fittest

Photo: The Nation

The genteel surroundings of a Chantaburi golf course were destroyed by the sound of combat between two mammals early of Friday.

Local police and officials from Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary were informed of wild elephants fighting at the Chatrium Golf Resort in Pong Nam Ron district of the eastern province.

Rushing to the scene they found the body of male juvenile tusker, aged around 6-7 years and weighing over 1 tonne, lying in a dry ditch on the golf course.

The animal had suffered deeps cuts and stab wounds and was bleeding heavily. A security guard for the golf course told officials that he heard the sound of two elephants fighting at around 2 am on Friday.

He went to investigate and found the juvenile fighting aggressively with a much larger male elephant.

The guard said I have seen the dead elephant before. He was living in a pack of wild elephants in the forest behind the golf course.

He added the two male elephants may have been fighting over a female, as this is now the mating season.

Police have asked the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation to inspect the dead elephant before burying its corpse.

Source: Nationthailand