Beautifying Your Balcony

Beautifying Your Balcony
Beautifying Your Balcony

The more the sun shines, the more our desire to spend more of our time outdoors increases.
But for residents of multi-story buildings, the outdoors is often just a disregarded balcony.

The challenge is to convert this sometimes unappealing place into a pleasant, friendly and personal one. The balcony should be another room of your house; don’t turn it into a junk space. Very often balconies become storage for unused items or just a clothes drying area. Do not let it happen to you! The balcony can be your reading room, dining room or private relaxation space.

Here are some ideas for you to beautify your balcony. Start with the Floor The type of flooring you choose will have a major impact on the look and your use of the balcony. Non-slip is an important consideration as your balcony is likely to be wet underfoot at least some of the time. White or colored tiles will give a modern look and at the same time the feeling that the balcony is a continuation of the inside of the house. They suit modern, high buildings and give an urban sensation. Wood flooring ‘tiles’ will add style and a rustic, naturalistic mood, matching both traditional and modern homes. Balcony Furniture Buy furniture, but do not overdo it, especially if you do not have a huge space. You should get simple things – a chair and small bistro set may be all you need. Invest in pieces that are foldable or stackable.

This may include a fold out or portable clothes dryer, although many have also have a small second balcony outside the bedroom which can be used for this purpose. There’s really nothing as unattractive as washing draped over the balcony railing. Your Outdoor Garden Carefully select appropriate pots, they can really makes a difference to improve the view and the desired shape of your space. Before you buy a plant, think about how you would like your balcony to look and feel. Choose pots with a single theme or colour to give your balcony the look of casual sophistication. Look for pots with strong sculptural shapes to attract interest. Low flower boxes will hide your balcony from the gaze of others below, but not your views of the outside world.

If you are looking for more privacy, you can plant climbing plants that will grow higher than the railing of the balcony. Try something different such as a small garden with herbs, vegetables or even a Zen rock garden. All these gardens can thrive on your balcony. A Balcony Barbeque Many multi-story dwellers miss the chance to cook outdoors but disregard the smaller balcony barbeque. Consider a modern compact gas barbecue which is self-contained and very practical for even a modest, but covered, balcony area. E

very boy needs a barbeque! Sculptural Additions Those who have a balcony rarely use the opportunity to display some sculptures or water features, but if you think again, the balcony may be the perfect place. Look for heavier sculptures designed to withstand weather conditions and wind. In many parts of the world there are only a few months of the year to enjoy the balcony. In Thailand there is no reason why you cannot enjoy your balcony all year round as an extra outdoor room of your home.