Big Budget For Hua Hin Development 2557

Prepare development 2557
Prepare development 2557

Subsequent to the Mayor, Mr. Nopporn Wutthikul, asking for proposals for budget planning with a policy of promoting tourism in Hua Hin for purchasing new materials and urban improvement, he has announced the budget for urban development in Hua Hin in 2014. This is aimed to improve living conditions for people in Hua Hin and to boost municipal works. Included are new water supply trucks and microphone-equipped cars for public relations campaigns, installing more CCTVs, buying walkie-talkies for municipal officials, renovating offices of the Hua Hin Municipality and improving the Chat Chai Market.

Nine 9 million THB of the total budget will now be spent on water trucks for fire extinguishment and providing water for areas in need. An allocation of 384,000 THB will be allocated for chainsaws to cut down trees during natural disasters, 700,000 THB for 32 CCTVs to be installed, 240,000 THB for walkie-talkies for municipal officials and 8 million THB on multi-purposed cars to be used for public relations campaigns.

Some of the budget will be also used to improve Chat Chai Market and renovate the offices of the Hua Hin Municipality. The total budget for all these activities will be over 50 million THB.

Mr. Nopporn also asked all Chief Officers to monitor the budget expenses carefully as they will audited in the future.