“Big Cleaning Day” on Hua Hin Beaches

“Big Cleaning Day” on Hua Hin Beaches
“Big Cleaning Day” on Hua Hin Beaches

The executives of Hua Hin Municipality have recently had a meeting with sellers on Hua Hin beaches and asked them to join in ‘Big Cleaning Day’ to welcome the upcoming high season. This meeting was also a chance for the sellers to inform the municipal executives about problems they were facing and give recommendations to improve Hua Hin and its beaches.

The Hua Hin Mayor Mr. Nopporn Wutthikul said that 200 participants of this meeting were sellers who work at several points on Hua Hin beaches, such as in front of the Centara Hotel, Takiab beach, Hua Don beach among others. They were asked to prepare for a beach cleaning which would start from October onwards.

Entitled, ‘Big Cleaning Day’, the sellers will work with officials from the Public Health Division and executives of Hua Hin Municipality. Mr. Nopporn added that some of the participating sellers talked about problems on the Hua Hin beaches, particularly increasing number of garbage, too many folding beds on the beaches, poor quality but too expensive food sold on the beaches and some negligent horse owners who let their animals urinate and deficate on the beaches. All the problems were once officially reported through a website and documented to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) because they affect the image of Hua Hin as a famous holiday getaway of Thailand. Mr. Nopporn said that the meeting with the sellers on Hua Hin beaches was his first time after he had taken the position for 2 months. He then called for cooperation from the sellers to stop doing any improper activities on Hua Hin beaches.

The Hua Hin Mayor also told them that municipal officers and police were asked to supervise the Hua Hin beaches and apply strict measures and penalties according to the law and municipal act for those who break the rules. Mr. Patiphan Maneethong, the leader of sellers on Takiab – Hua Don Beaches, said that it was good to have municipal officials to solve problems on Hua Hin beaches.

He then suggested that Hua Don beach and Soi Chamchuri should have enough public toilets and parking lots, some booths for selling OTOP items made by local sellers should be set up, a complete list of all sellers who work on Hua Hin beaches should be made and, for safety of local people and tourists, along the way down to the beaches should have adequate electric lights facing the beaches. Finally, Mr. Patiphan asked municipal authorities not to order the sellers on Hua Hin beaches but put them in order. Municipal officers need to work daily and they should not leave any problems but solve them immediately once they face them.