Bilingual Education in Hua Hin, A selection of Bilingual Schools in Hua Hin

Bilingual Education in Hua Hin, A selection of Bilingual Schools in Hua Hin
Bilingual Education in Hua Hin, A selection of Bilingual Schools in Hua Hin

Somtawin School Hua Hin, centrally located on the main Petchkasem Road, offers both a Thai Program and full english program. Opened in march 1972, Somtawin is firmly established in Hua Hin and currently caters for kindergarten level through to the 6th year (grade 6) of primary school. This academic year – may 2004 – april 2005 it will also open its doors to mattayom students at grade 7 (m1) level, providing the first opportunity in Hua Hin for mattayom students to join a full english program. Somtawin is concentrating on developing its full english program to an international standard, where students of many nationalities attend. Somtawin’s english program enables parents to give their children the option of a western style education without having to send them away to one of the many schools in Bangkok, or, indeed, to pay Bangkok prices. All subjects are offered in english (except thai) and include mathematics, science, social studies, health, art, occupational technology and computing.

Location: 15 km to the west of Hua Hin – Pala U Road – Administration Dept. 20 Petchakasem Rd, Hua-Hin – Tel/Fax. 032-514342 – Email: – Web:
The Yamsaard Hua Hin School: This is a relatively new addition to Hua Hin schools, it is located at the end of Soi 94. They offer both kindergarten and primary bilingual programs. “We teach English through a phonics approach as well as “theme-based” approach. Homeroom teachers are foreign and Thai nationals. Students will have opportunities to practice English with foreign teachers all the time. English is used as a medium of instruction in main subject areas; English, Math, Science, Art and Computers.” They also offer extra English programs, extra curricular activities and summer camps.
The school is dedicated to the happiness of all of its students. They believe that it is important for their students to be able to communicate effectively, use their scientific skills to serve the community and to be technologically savvy in order to be competitive in this new Information Technology based society.

Location: End of Soi 94 – Tel: 08-7694-6420- 1 – Email : – Web :
Hua Hin Salesian School (Vitthayalai School) is RC school located Petchkasem Road not far from Hua Hin Market Village. This prestigious school is very popular with Thais. The Salesian School provides Thai curriculum for children age 3-18 years old. There is a limited English program at school with the subjects Science, Math and English taught in the English language. An international curriculum is in the planning.
Location: Petchkasem Road – Age 3-18 years old – Tel: 032-511233 – Website:
Nurseries :
Pratthana Nursery one of the more popular nurseries in Hua Hin is located on Petchkasem road near the Hin Nam Sai Suay condo complex close to Hua Hin Airport. It is professionally managed however no English language tuition is offered. Kindergarten starts at age 2 and costs 2,500 baht per month per child, times are 8am until 3pm. They also offer a pickup service, price for this depends on your proximity to the school. At age 3-4 children move classes to a pre-school environment where the basics can be taught (all Thai).

Pratthana Nursery – 41/79 Petchkasem Road – Hua Hin, Prachuabkhirikhan – Tel: 032- 547363.
Smart Kids Located on Soi 102 , this nursery takes children from 2 years of age till 5. Games and tuitition is all in English with occasional Thai conversation for foreign kids. Swimmimg and keyboard lessons can be given.The group is limited to approximately 30 children.
For further Information call . Mrs. Joanna ( Mrs. Joanna speaks Dutch, English and Thai) 0898732376.
BECC: A small educational centre that offers an environment for children to learn. They feel passionate about providing good education in a fun and safe place. The class sizes have a maximum of 16 children. The BECC has dedicated qualified British teachers that have many years of experience. BECC follows the British Curriculum which is recognised as one of the best starts a child can have and offer this to primary school age children 4 years to 11 years.

Near The Vic Hua Hin, between Soi 114 and 116 Mobile : 08704 89558 – 0890037963
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