Bird Flu Alert

Farm chicken eggs, Thailand.

World Organization for Animal Health, formerly the Office International des Epizooties; (OIE) declared there have been reports of outbreaks of severe Bird Flu in native poultry in neighbouring countries includes Vietnam and Cambodia.


Currently, Thailand has a changing climate which can result in poor health of poultry, reduced immunity, feeling weaker and getting sick easily.

The Department of Livestock has surveillance measures to monitor and prevent disease epidemics that may infect human.

This is for the surveillance and prevention of poultry disease epidemics in all areas across the country.


Many duck forage food in a rice field

Therefore, the Ministry of Interior has ordered the provincial governors to warn the sheriffs, village chiefs, village headmen and local government organisations to inspect and notify the people.

In the case where the poultry is found unusually sick or dead, hair loss, eat less food, breathless, swollen face, etc. No obvious symptoms or finding a large number of unusual deaths immediately notify the livestock volunteer/officer.

To emphasise the bodies of sick and dead poultry are strictly banned for cooking or selling, and to make landfill.


Pigeons fight over for food, many struggle pigeons near a temple in Thailand. some eating bread on the floor some flying.

Wear gloves when touching poultry corpses every time then wash hands with clean water and disinfectants immediately.


Also, farmers are advised to improve disease prevention systems in roosters by creating coop or houses that can prevent wind and rain.

If people find poultry sick or dead without any known cause, they can notify the Department of Livestock Development Hotline 06 3225 6888

and notify via Application: DLD 4.0 24 hours a day.