Boon Thaworn : Prachuab’s open Green Showroom

Boon Thaworn : Prachuab’s open Green Showroom
Boon Thaworn : Prachuab’s open Green Showroom

Boon Thaworn, a modern store of highstandard household utensils in Hua Hin, has recently been transformed into an environmentally friendly showroom to acknowledge the royal initiatives of His Majesty the King. Mr. Wiwat Thayawat, the chief of the executive board of Boon Thaworn Ceramics Co. Ltd. in Hua Hin, said that the company had just officially opened the 8th branch where highstandard and reasonably-priced household utensils and accessories like couches, tables, and tiles, marble as well as toiletries and imported electrical appliances are available.

With expenses for construction, goods import and land adjustment of around 500 million Baht, the latest branch of Boon Thaworn´s design is conform to the city plan and landscape of Hua Hin apart from catering for the lifestyle of its residents. “We opened in Hua Hin because the city has Klai Kang Won Royal Palace where His Majesty resides,” Mr. Wiwat said.

“Since The King stayed here, Hua Hin has much developed due to many royal projects on urban improvement, namely the projects on flood prevention, anti-deforestation, protection of coastal areas and the Laem Phak Bia project in Phetchaburi which is one of the most important and well-known royal initiatives. Realizing how concerned His Majesty is to environment, we acknowledge this concept to do our business which aims to preserve local nature and environment.”

The new branch of Boon Thaworn Store has a parking lot surrounded by many trees. Behind the showroom is a display of some royal initiative projects where customers can learn more about the projects. This area also serves as a leisure space for customers. Boasting more than 100,000 items within its 15,000 square meter showroom, the 8th branch of Boon Thaworn Store is close to the Wang Klai Kang Won School on Phetchakasem Road, next to Plearn Wan.