Building up Hua Hin Historical Center

Building up Hua Hin Historical Center
Building up Hua Hin Historical Center

By Chamnan

The three well-known families in Hua Hin: Kanjanomai, Krasaesin and Sathukarn, will soon establish a Hua Hin Historical Center and Museum to allow young generations to learn about the true identity of their ancestors and former generations.

According to the Chairperson of the Committee on Hua Hin History, Prof. Pensri Kanjanomai, she and executives led by the city mayor Mr. Jira Pongpaiboon, are working closely with members of the three families on this project. Recently, they have divided the project into 5 categories, in accordance with socio-cultural factors, namely History, Local Culture and Tradition, Local Lifestyle and Economy, Important Political Figures and Geographical Location.

The Committee will collect old pictures of depicting houses, archeological sites, important government offices, local culture and lifestyle, famous politicians and local administrators in the past. The collection will include fishing utensils of local people in Hua Hin. All the things will be categorized into the 5 groups as stated earlier so as to be displayed at the historical center and museum.

Planned for its completion in the next couple of years, the Hua Hin historical center and museum will be located at the former office of Hua Hin Municipality. “The aim of our project is to enable young people to realize their identity and learn about where their parental generations come from, how they lived and mobilized the city until it became well-known among Thais and foreigners,” Prof. Pensri said. “Also, it will serve as another tourist attraction in Hua Hin.”

Around 50 members of the Committee, led by Mr. Prajan Krasaesin, Mr. Pairot Makmu and Mr. Wisit Sathukarn are visiting the National Discovery Museum Institute at Wat Nang Ratchaworawiharn, Bangkok, to learn how to set up a museum, organize and maintain the displayed treasures.

The Committee will also ask local people from Hua Hin’s communities to donate things they consider useful and informative for displaying at the museum. Donations can be made directly to the Committee members or the organizing staff of Hua Hin Municipality.