Cabinet gives green light to manage plastic waste

Photo: The Nation

A cabinet meeting approved a draft action plan to manage plastic waste proposed by the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry under a road map that started in 2018 and will end in 2030.

The plan aims to reduce plastic waste by banning four types of products by 2022 and bringing at least 50 per cent of seven types of plastic products into the circular economy by means of reusing and recycling.

The four type of plastic products to be banned by 2022 are:

  • Plastic bags with a thickness of less than 36 microns
  • Foam containers for foods, excluding shock-absorbing foam for industrial use
  • Plastic beverage cups with a thickness of less than 100 microns
  • Plastic straws, execpt for use in cases of necessity, such as for children, the elderly and patients.

The seven plastic products, at least 50 per cent of which would be targeted for reuse or recycling by 2022 are:

  • Heavy duty plastic bags
  • Single-layer plastic film containers
  • All types of plastic bottles
  • Plastic bottle caps
  • Plastic food containers and trays
  • Plastic spoons, forks and knives.

Under this plan, the ministry aims to reduce plastic waste by 780,000 tonnes per year and reduce the cost of waste managment by Bt 3.9 billion annually.

Source: The Nation Thailand