Cape Nidhra Spa Hua Hin

Cape Nidhra Spa Hua Hin
Cape Nidhra Spa Hua Hin

Cape Nidrha is a fairly new Boutique Hotel on Petschkasem road opposite the San Paolo Hospital.

My first impression was” Boutique” … car parking underneath the reception area with an open reception, environmental friendly and kept simple. The Spa is also located subterranean and the treatment rooms even further down in the cellar with outside light coming in from above. Spa reception was very friendly and professional. I was given a choice but I really had no choice as the treatment facing me was a rejuvenating , anti aging men´s special. With my conscious pressing me about my appearance, editors must look smart, my choice was clear. My therapist washed my feet as usual and I wish she could have continued another 15 minutes. However, she indicated me to undress, put on the black widow killer and lay on my tummy for the back massage I had requested before she started to beautify what was left of my aging face.

She spontaraneously discovered knots in my back muscles and used her elbows to flatten them out. I did chose “strong” massage so she decided to walk over my back , which was , taking into account that she only weighed 45 kilos , a treat ! After my abdomen and legs , arms were done , the facial part was about to take place.
My face was carefully and gently cleansed with a refreshing gel., scrubbed gently , old, dead skin removed.

By now I asked for a mirror in case my identity was removed as well. Several layers of a pore cleansing gel had to dry off before she could peel it and remove all the dirt that had collected below my normal skin over the last 50 years. I though Tennis and the pints of fluids I collect from my face when trying to defeat my Tennis mentor, good buddy and close friend, Steve would clean my insides. No way, the lovely therapist did.

Finally she applied a herbal mixture, rinsing and soothing as my rebornness ( just invented word) became actual. It was true , I had to look twice to recognise myself. How long will it hold and would my loved ones notice? Once home my wife said I look fresh, our domestic help did not see any change but courteous as she is she commented a short “ Young Man” thing. I felt a lot better , fresher and this was something to repeat.

What I missed was a line of products to purchase to follow up the treatment, but then again , both treatments put you back almost 4000 Baht for 90 minutes of treatment. I guess following up yourself with healthy food, no smoking and avoid a longer period of exposure to the sun will keep you healthy and fresh looking. Have fun refreshes the spirit and moderate use of alcohol will keep you afloat for a longer time.
Thanks to Cape Nidhra Spa ladies for their friendly professional input. A pleasant Spa away from the noisy busy streets in a peacefull and gracefull environment.