Cape Nidhra’s GM Christian Roeschli; Savoring the Lifestyle & Feeling at Home

Cape Nidhra’s GM Christian Roeschli
Cape Nidhra’s GM Christian Roeschli; Savoring the Lifestyle & Feeling at Home

The Cape Nidhra Hotel General Manager, Swiss national Christian Roeschli, has held his position since the hotel opening seven years ago in January 2011. That’s a long-term commitment compared with many Resort GMs who typically move on after stints of only 3-5 years, either at the whim of higher management or by their own choice.

Cape Nidhra is a member of the prestigious ‘Small Luxury Hotels of the World’, and part of the Cape Hotel Collection. Awarded for its excellent service, elegant facilities and enviable location, Cape Nidhra offers easy access to Hua Hin’s street markets, shopping centres, restaurants, pubs and nightlife. Christian was born near Zürich, in the family of a Swiss engineer, but discovered a passion for hospitality after casual work during overseas travel midway through university studies. He then rejected less people-centred career prospects to enroll in the Hospitality Management College in Zürich.

His first hospitality position was as the Chef de Service in a fine dining restaurant in Zürich and progressing to manage a very busy Italian restaurant. Remembering his travels as a student, especially the people, food and climate of Thailand, fortuitously a position became available at the Cape Panwa Hotel in Phuket where he assumed the job of Assistant Manager. Management positions followed in Rayong, Bangkok, Koh Samui and Chiang Mai with Christian’s ready adoption of a Thai lifestyle leading to a very different way of life from his native Switzerland.

“The Swiss way is very structured, but here it is much more relaxed and easy going. It’s hard to imagine ever returning to the less flexible and uncompromising European lifestyle.” We met GM Christian at the revamped ‘On the Rocks Bar’ during a reopening soirée on a balmy evening on the rooftop overlooking the gulf. Christian was just as laidback as the guests; regular patrons who have discovered this ‘oasis in the city’ and become friends. Although Cape Nidhra is situated in the heart of Hua Hin’s busy Phetchakasem Road, it seems very far away from that hustle and bustle.

Christian’s demeanor could best be described as content but not complacent. He’s found a situation that allows him to take pleasure in the role of the host; mingling and ensuring hotel guests have every need met, but also being able to retreat to his on-site quarters when there is a need for some personal space and the simple pleasures of reading a good book or perhaps practising his own cooking skills.

“I like the way the Thais live by the motto ‘Carpe Diem’ (seize the day) and these days, I do the same.” Christian is one of those lucky individuals who have been able to match career with a country of choice and to savour the many pleasures of the Cape Nidhra. For more information