Cha Am junkyard

Cha Am junkyard
Cha Am junkyard

From antiques to toilet seats and everything in between. It seems that most Thai people in Cha-Am know about this place although the workers don’t have a name for it. Calling it the Junk Yard may even be a little disrespectful.

Some people love the opportunity to fossick amongst the second (or third or fourth) hand goods that can be found either undercover in a variety of storage ‘sheds’, small ’bungalows’ or outside and exposed to the elements.

It’s not likely to find favour unless you are a ‘scavenger’ but if but if that’s your inclination or you are looking for an unusual or illusive item this may be the place.

Where else would you find a 5 metre high cut out of Elvis alongside a statue of a mythical Thai giant next to a tree inhabited by wild monkeys? There are metallic ‘robots’, drum kits, 80 THB ‘Rayban’ sunglasses, traditional Thai ornaments/statues and metal thermos flasks decorating a tree. Most of the roofs also display some of the goods.

A real smorgasbord of discarded urban treasures!
We would suggest that it’s a great place for a photographic essay. See pictures to get the “picture”.