Cha-Am Prepares for Tourist arrivals this summer

Cha-Am Prepares for Tourist arrivals this summer
Cha-Am Prepares for Tourist arrivals this summer

The Cha-Am Municipality has already mapped a plan to deal with increasing number of tourists during this summer as a lot of people come here to cool down and relax on the beach. According to the Permanent Secretary of Cha- Am Municipality Mr. Amnart Witthaya, the period between March and May is considered a high season of the city when tourists in and outside Thailand have a holiday getaway here.

So, as a local administrative office, the Municipality is responsible for promoting tourism and facilitating visitors in Cha-Am. With reference to the annual statistics indicating the number of visitors in Cha-Am, it proves that more tourists come here every year. In 2008, there were 3.6 million visitors in the city; in 2009, there were 3.9 million and in 2010, there were 4.5 million, the highest number of tourists who paid a visit to the beach along the Gulf of Thailand.

Moreover, the Meteorological Department predicted that this summer would be hotter than the last years’. As a result, more tourists are obviously coming to stay in Cha-Am this year. Much favored by Thai and foreign tourists, the Cha-Am beach is ideal for holiday getaway throughout the year, in particular from December to May which is the transitional period of cold to hot weather and the time when a lot of events are organized.

Most tourists usually influx between March and May in particular because it is the summer break of Thai students and there are many national holidays, namely Songkran, Labor’s Day, Coronation Day, Royal Ploughing Day and Visakha Buja Day. Many hotels in Cha- Am will be fully booked on those holidays, too.

To cope with influx of tourists and facilitate all visitors, the Cha-Am Municipality is training staff of the tourist center on the Cha- Am beach who can provide visitors with necessary information. First aid staff are also prepared at the center, too. Municipal officials will supervise sellers and their business on the beach. Finally, safeguards and police are working together to protect people from any accident and provide them with safety for their life and property.

The Municipality also installed the closecircuit TV along the beach and tourist spots in Cha-Am to help policemen to monitor any wrongdoings and serve as an evidence for criminal prosecution, thus ensure safety of all tourists. Given well-trained and professional authorities as well as high-tech safety equipment, all visitors can be assured of safe and happy stay in Cha-Am, concluded Mr. Amnart.