Cha-Am to Go Crabby at Crab Festival in February 2011

Cha-Am to Go Crabby at Crab Festival in February 2011
Cha-Am to Go Crabby at Crab Festival in February 2011

Blue crab is one of the most famous seafood for beach vacationers. In Thailand, blue crab from different provinces will taste differently. And Cha-Am’s blue crab is well-known for its sweet, fresh and juicy meat.

There are two local fishing communities in Cha-Am that live on blue crab catching: Baan Klong Thien in Saphan Hin and Bang Sai Yoi in Nern Sura. The local fishers of Baan Klong Thien, in particular, will use small canals in their community to moor their boat and use the area by the canals to sell the crab.

How the local fishers sell the crab is also unique as they put it in a bag hung with a bridge pillar. The crab will be soaked in canal water while waiting for customers to buy. So, the name, ‘crab pulling,’ is derived from this activity. Thanks to its fresh and juicy meat, blue crab of Cha-Am is highly favored by both Thai and foreign seafood lovers.

To satisfy their appetite, the Cha-Am Municipality is organizing, “Crab Pulling Festival @ Cha-Am,” from 12 to 20 February 2011 at the Cha-Am lookout on the beach. Since February is the period when most blue crabs are caught and the Cha-Am Municipality is now promoting blue crab conservation and breeding, the Crab Pulling Festival @ Cha-Am will play a key role in promoting local business and tourism of Cha-Am.

At the event, tourists not only savor delicious blue crab menus but also admire local lifestyle of the fishers in the area. Highlights include selling of blue crab by local fishers at Baan Khlong Thien in which crab pulling will be demonstrated, and cultural performances nightly. Don’t believe anyone until you have a proof of the pudding. Come and join the Crab Pulling Festival @ Cha-Am from 12-20 February 2011.