Cha-Am Tour on a Bike: Love at First Ride

Cha-Am Tour on a Bike: Love at First Ride
Cha-Am Tour on a Bike: Love at First Ride

Now visitors can admire interesting and beautiful natural and cultural tourist attractions of Cha-Am by a bicycle. Just one ride from Cha-Am beaches to Cha-Am local communities, one can experience long-cherished tradition, local lifestyle and culture hardly found elsewhere.

A widely known beachfront city of Thailand, Cha-Am welcomes over a million of Thai and foreign visitors every year. Foreigners in particular like to have long stay in Cha-Am because, apart from beautiful sandy beaches, the city boasts old yet unique and charming local communities awaiting ones to learn more on their history. The Cha-Am community, for instance, which is one of the oldest villages of Cha-Am, still retains one-of-a-kind local lifestyle of its people including their strong belief on Buddhism and traditional paddy farming.

The Cha-Am Tour on a Bike is an activity that enables participants to experience local lifestyle in Cha-Am in a very relaxing way. Starting at 8 a.m. and finishing at 12.30 p.m., the tour, taking 12 kms., will see the participants riding a bicycle across the beach to the western part of the city where the Cha-Am Municipal Fresh Market is located. Then, they will visit the Cha-Am Community to pay respect to

Chao Poh Khao Yai – the highly revered god for local people there. Afterwards, the participants will visit Wat Cha-Am Khiri Buddhist Temple, an oldest Buddhist monastery in Cha-Am which has very long Naga-shaped stairs leading up to a cave. Inside the cave, visitors can pay respect to a Buddha image made of sand stone and admire Cha-Am in breathtaking panoramic views. Next, the participants will visit Cha- Am Child Care Center, a unique bridge over a canal by the Wat Cha-Am and the Takian goddess shrine. The trip back to the Cha-Am beach passes a big reservoir, verdant paddy fields and old windmills.

Even though the program takes only half a day, tourists will fully enjoy various activities they will never forget with professional tour guides. Now open for everyone, the Cha-Am Tour on a Bike can be booked with khun Pina at tel. 081 432 6616.