Cha-am’s new beach profile takes shape

The seaside along the beach road in Cha-am.

It’s been some eight months since construction commenced on a new sea wall and beachside promenade, promising a different look to the southern end of the main Cha-Am beach.

Passers-by can now get a better idea of what the project will deliver with the new beach profile beginning to take shape. Looking beyond reclaimed land, long sections of eight concrete stairs now descend to the high tide mark below the (almost) finished parts of the sea wall.

The project has a provincial government budget of 103 million baht for over 1.5 kilometres of beach south from the central viewpoint. This is intended to prevent future storm damage, erosion and loss of coastal land.

There’s still plenty of work to be done, including the paved walkway alongside tree-shaded areas, with a mooted completion date of October 2021.