CHAUM HAUS: Where Quality Living Is Premium


CHAUM HAUS Where Quality Living Is Premium
CHAUM HAUS Where Quality Living Is Premium
Imagine breakfast every morning gazing over a cup of coffee at the majestic natural wonder of the Khao Yai Mountains looming in the distance. Later, you enjoy a relaxing daily swim in your own private pool and bask lazily in the sun, or perhaps retire to mediate within the peace and serenity your garden. When you finally venture back inside the house, every room is spacious and luxurious, and every modern convenience as close as the touch of a button or the flip of a switch, and yet the exotic design of your surroundings reminds you that you have chosen to enjoy your leisure time among the gentle charms of the East. Like you, your neighbors may have been doing the same throughout the day, and at night, all of you are at peace with the thought that the daily needs and the upkeep of your community have been constantly attended to and you can rest at the end of the day knowing that your sleep is protected by an ever vigilant security guard service.
In short, quality living is premium at a Chaum Haus home.
And yet, a Chaum Haus home is not a retreat from the world but a gateway. Nearby is Cha Am town, where a short walk takes you down to a long, quiet stretch of beach praised by King Rama V as the best in Phetchaburi Province when he built his royal resort in Hin Hau Beach Town only ten minutes away. Or if you prefer, you can eat and drink affordably at any one of the many restaurants and pubs, most of them Scandinavian, several of them international, that stretch along the shoreline. For those daily needs, you have a choice of supermarkets and shopping malls, commercial banks and hospitals, a traditional fishing village and as many as five golf courses within driving distance that offer players the choice of a relaxed or a challenging game. Bangkok is only two hours away and, if necessary, for those longer excursions, you are only minutes away from an airport, a train station or a bus station. T
he foreign population is small and tourism is mostly seasonal, but unlike many other tourist destinations in Thailand, the town is not overwhelmed by outsiders. For the last five years, the town of Cha Am has been quietly concentrating on improving and expanding its infrastructure. More new hotels and resorts are being built, and more housing projects are under construction. Consequently, more investment is pouring into the area. As the town grows, so will the potential value of your Chaum Haus home.
The Chaum Haus project is the latest vision currently being developed and promoted by the Easternland Development Company, a family management team with more than 20 years experience in property business ranging from community planning, house design and construction to community maintenance and home service. Now under second-generation management, the team is best known for its resort-like Nichada Thani project, the first international community of Thailand established in 1989 that has since made a name for itself as the choice residence for discerning expatriates and Thai nationals alike.