China busted fake Covid-19 ring

Photo: Reuters

Chinese officials arrested more than 80 people and seized over 3,000 fake doses of Covid-19 vaccine as part of a campaign to oppose vaccine-related crimes.

The suspects had been carrying out the scam since September last year, adding that all fake doses had been tracked down. The fake vaccines were made by injecting saline into syringes.

The suspects may have planned to send the vaccines abroad, citing a source close to a major Chinese vaccine producer.

The police operation was carried out by police in multiple places including Beijing, Shanghai and the eastern province of Shandong.

Countries around the world have been rolling out vaccine programmes in the hope of bringing the year-long coronavirus pandemic to an end.

China’s Ministry of Public Security is investigating crimes related to manufacturing and selling of counterfeit vaccines and the illegal practice of medicine and fraud under the guise of the vaccines.
Police found that since September 2020, those involved have been making huge profits by fulfilling saline solution into injectors to process and make fake coronavirus vaccines and selling them at a higher price.
Source: edition.cnn