China pledges to open up its ‘super-sized’ economy said President Xi Jinping

Photo: Getty Images

China will open up its “super-sized” economy to import more premium-quality goods and services.

China will also sign more free trade pacts with more countries, President Xi Jinping said on Thursday. President Xi Jinping was speaking at (Apec) Asia-Pacific Economical Cooperation, which includes US and Russia.

It is not confirmed yet if US President Donald Trump will be speaking at the event, which continues on Friday.

Previously Mr Trump used the event to share out his competitive vision for the future of global trade.

US and China have been entangled in a trade war since 2018 with flashpoint over import taxes and Chinese technology firms working in America.

Last month, President Xin Jinping and other Chinese leaders set out a blueprint for China’s five-year plan and key ambitions for the next 15 years.

They include a plan to turn China into a “high income” nation by 2025 and advance to a “fairly developed” nation by 2035.

Source: BBC News