Chinese in Russia caught forging Covid-19 results to get home

Tourists wearing face masks visit Red Square in downtown Moscow. Photo: AFP

The Chinese Embassy in Moscow revealed that several of its desperate citizens were caught forging Covid-19 test results in order to allow them to fly back home.

However, the number of these Chinese forgers has not been reported and the embassy did not disclose which part of Russia they were living. It is also unclear how many of those who falsified the test results were really infected.

China requires repatriates to take test results five days prior to their flight home from Russia.

The embassy told the lawbreakers that they are causing “great harm” to the public whilst ignoring the government’s measure to control the pandemic. Those who were found guilty will face severe legal actions.

Russia had temporarily closed its borders from Chinese citizens since February in order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. Likewise, China had tightened their security along its border with Russia to avoid imported transmissions.

Sources: The Moscow Times | The Thaiger
Photo: EPA