Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year Petchaburi 2014

The Phetchaburi Sport Association, the Phetchaburi Municipality and seven Chinese organisations in Phetchaburi will be supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)’s Phetchaburi office to host Chinese New Year celebrations in Phetchaburi. “Trut Jin Saen Wan Thetsakarn Muang Phetchaburi (literally, “Sweet Chinese New Year, Phetchaburi Festival”, in English) will be held between 9th and 12th February 2014 at Phetchaburi Market on Surarinruechai Road (18 Metre Road), Muang District, Phetchaburi.

The Director of TAT’s Phetchaburi Office, Ms. Nongnit Tengmaneewan, commented that this festive aims to celebrate the traditional Chinese New Year, foster traditional activities for Chinese-Thai people and promote tourism in the Province.

Surarinruechai Road will be decorated with Chinese electric lanterns and banners on which New Year wishes will be written in Chinese. Visitors will be able to admire a big Chinese-styled arch, pay respect to 20 Chinese Gods of richness and prosperity and enjoy an interesting exhibit about the historical background and importance of Chinese people in Phetchaburi from the past to present.

From 9th to 10th February 2014 Chinese fried noodles will be cooked in a giant pan with free food offered from 30 restaurants and shops in the Province. Between 11th and 12th February 2014, the Phetchaburi Sport Association will host a big Chinese-styled parade featuring electric angels. As the Chinese New Year takes place before Valentine’s Day, besides an audio-visual presentation about Chinese Gods, there will be a video on a Chinese love story. There will also be a stage performance and a dance featuring a 100 metre Chinese dragon. Music lovers will enjoy a mini-concert by the Sin Charoen Brothers,famous Thai singers, while food lovers can savour both Thai and Chinese traditional cuisines.

Further information on this event can be obtained from the Phetchaburi Municipality at tel. 032 425 013 and the TAT’s Phetchaburi Office.