Classic Colours

Classic Colours
Classic Colours
Classic Colours
Classic Colours


Being a spectator at a major golfing event may seem like a boring prospect for non-golfers but it’s not only about golf. Fashion, spectacle and enjoying the theatre of the day is also on offer.

Most Colourful Golfer
American ‘bad boy’ John Daly raised the bar some time ago with his dramatically colourful outfits and is yet to be matched however there was plenty of colour in the field of the True Thailand classic with fleuro pinks and white trousers being the favourite choice. Our award for the most colourful golfer went to Australian Scott Hend on day 3. He was leading the field at the completion of that day’s competition, maybe the ‘fiery’ clothing helped.

Most Colourful spectators
This couple was unequivocal and obvious winners. Matching red, white and blue outfits, again in the John Daley style; from the caps down to to the shoes. The umbrella was showing the brand name ‘Loudmouth, it’s easy to see why.

Most Colourful helpers
The judges couldn’t separate two groups of helpers for this award. The orange crew was the voluntary course marshals. Our photo shows the coordinator Ole on the communication line very eager to ensure the player’s on course were happy and undisturbed. These unsung heroes of the event had responsibility for maintaining silence in the crowd and that there was no other form of interference to players.

Apart from good eyesight and concentration, there’s also nothing wrong with the player’s hearing, they can hear a camera shutter from 50 metres!. Sharing this award were the Black Mountain caddies dressed in their customary canary yellow and black. No caddie duties during the competition so their task was to keep the score boards up to date and fore-caddie duties. The lady with the green flag is signaling the ball is in play and OK. The lady with the yellow (the ball is in trouble) and red (no sure what has happened) wasn’t too busy with the high standard of golf on display.

Worst Dress award
Most spectators favour golfing gear and typica well dressed, mostly keeping to the etiquette code of the game. However there was one exception ……………………………………..

Most Enthusiastic
Alongside the 10th fairway there are a numbe Mountain houses and villas, most showing no s However there was a big party happening at this course marshals could do nothing to curb their e or somewhat raucous support for their favourite p day three a sign at the window showed the name but by day 4 this had changed to Jaidee. Pe really wanted to pick a winner and almost did!