Construction Contract

Construction Contract
Construction Contract
Construction Contract
Construction Contract


To construct a house, besides finding a good contractor, you have to be able to control him to work correctly in time, cost and quality. This is when a good Construction Contract is required.

The following relevant documents and details should be contained within the Construction Contract.
Relevant Documents required for Contract drafting:
1 Company Certificate / ID and address of the Contractor
2 Construction Drawing / Architectural and Engineering drawing / Material List and
its specification / Quotation and BOQ (Bill of Quantities)
3 Working Schedule
4 Payment Schedule
Contract Detail – the contract basically should include the following:
1 The Parties
2 Scope of Work
3 Contract Documents (attachment)
4 Completion Date
5 Extension of Time (under specific condition / event)
6 Contract Price
7 Payment Terms
8 Variation
9 Inspection
10 Defect Liability
11 Force Majeure
12 Labour / Material / Equipment
13 Testing / Sample
14 Retention
15 Fine / Penalty
16 Breaching and Termination
17 Consequence of Termination
18 Notice
19 Warranty Period
Before signing the Contract, check all details for accuracy.

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